How to install the wedi Fundo Riolito Shower


In this step by step installation video, we are showing you how to build a wedi Riolito linear drain shower and get it ready for tile the same day.
Riolito, a precise, prefabricated solution for linear drain shower floor concepts featuring a factory integrated and waterproofed drain.
Riolito features a presloped base design available as a 4 way slope with even perimeter height or as a one way slope for building traditional linear drain concepts making large format tile without cuts a great installation experience.

Riolito is internally waterproof due to its closed cell extruded polystyrene foam core and is coated with a reinforced, cement based resin to allow for great and lasting tile bond Riolito is meant to be installed into wedi’s complete waterproofing and substrate preparation system: join it with wedi building panels for the walls, curbs and the many accessories offered by wedi.

Enjoy a complete system warranty for your shower from base to ceiling.

Detailed installation manuals and more educational support is available at wedi. For our professional contractors wedi offers local certification classes, the wedi online academy or a free certification through one of wedi’s field technicians on site.

This information and video provided by wedi | USA.